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Whether you are new to writing or a published author…

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21 Day Write Your Journey Challenge

Do you feel the urge to write?

Whether you write only for yourself or for publication, this writing challenge will help you unleash your creative potential and to set yourself up for a regular writing practice.

FEE: SALE PRICE $69* (normally $99)

START DATE: Available NOW, on demand

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*all prices in US dollars

Writing for Calm & Resilience


Many of us are feeling overwhelmed as the world slides into uncertainty. How are you feeling?

Anger, stress and fear are some of the reactions we experience as we step into uncharted territory. As are loneliness and cabin fever due to lock down and physical distancing, recommended in many places of the world.

But know this: You are more resilient than you think! Mindful writing and meditation are easy and effective tools to find calm, connection and inner strength during this difficult time. And these tools, once learned, will be available to you forever.

DURATION: 2 weeks

START DATE: anytime

FEE: SALE PRICE $35* (normally $55)

*all prices in US dollars

Mindful Journaling


In this 6 week course I introduce you to the mindfulness practice of deep listening. We use carefully curated journaling prompts and original singing bowl meditations to cultivate contemplative stillness  and creative absorption. When we silence the busy thinking mind, we are able to hear our deepest voice.

The Zen monk Thich Nhat Hanh teaches deep listening as a form of compassionate listening. Mindful journaling allows us to become compassionate witness to our personal narratives. We gain deeper understanding of our life’s purpose, we access our creative potential and we become connected and present to ourselves and others.

DURATION: 6 weeks

START DATE: June 2021.

FEE: $175*

*all prices in US dollars

FREE 7-day Writing & Meditation Course

Are you are feeling disconnected from your writing voice? Is it time for a creativity boost?

Whether you are new to writing or a published author, this free challenge will help you get back into the creative flow.

Join 7x live sessions, receive daily writing prompts & guided meditations in your inbox for seven consecutive days.

The course comes with an optional private Facebook Group where you can share your writing with others to let your creativity bloom!

Sign up now. We start our writing journey on Saturday, January 11, 2021.

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